The Problem:

Milwaukee Needs Holistic Life skills and Jobs Training Programs
It is no secret that Milwaukee has one of the highest poverty rates in the state of Wisconsin and the nation. In 2008, Milwaukee was the 7 th poorest city in the country, but statistics from September 2010 reveal that Milwaukee is now ranked the 4 th poorest city in the nation, with 26 percent of residents living below the federal poverty line 1 . To go a step further, 1 in 3 children living in the inner city of Milwaukee are living in extreme poverty 2 . As devastating a picture as these statistics paint, the overall economic situation in Milwaukee is slowly improving.
The Employment and Training Institute at the University of Wisconsin Milwaukee report that there are currently 35,092 laid-off workers receiving unemployment insurance benefits 3 . This number constitutes a 21% decrease in UI claims from just a year ago. Additionally, the unemployment rate in Milwaukee County has improved every month since June 2011; it currently hovers at 8.2% 4 . According to the Milwaukee Area Workforce Investment Board, no new plant closing or mass layoffs were announced in December 2011, and the creation of manufacturing positions has returned to 2008 levels. The unemployment rate among veterans has decreased as well; falling to approximately 9%.

The Solution: Solution-Driven Education

One Step At a Time (OSAT) is poised to address the employment-sector growth in Milwaukee with relevant research-based tools and techniques that are proven to contribute not only to help people secure gainful employment, but to reach economic sustainability.